How To Host An Online Party

How To Host A Successful Online Party

Social media has changed the way direct sales representatives are conducting their businesses. One of the best ways to host a direct sales party is through an online venue. Just like any event, there are certainly things that you can do to make your party more successful but don’t make the mistake of thinking that the only way you can make sales is by working in home parties… simply not the case:) I’m not saying to completely quit running in home parties I’m simply pointing out the fact that if you aren’t utilizing the power of Internet to enhance your business, you are missing out on an golden opportunity. When used correctly, the Internet is an amazing marketing tool!

So the first question that that most direct sales representatives have is “Where can I host an online party?” 

Most people will say Facebook… yes of course but consider this…

** TIP: It’s a good idea to give people an opportunity to engage with you wherever they are. Not everyone is on Facebook so you don’t want to leave anyone out. This is another reason why having a blog for your business is extremely beneficial!! You can set up your party in multiple locations when using the Internet… Where else can you make yourself accessible in more than one place???

So let’s start with Facebook…

How To Host An Online Party On Facebook

  • Create a Facebook Page to Introduce Your Business. Most direct sales reps will tell you that success is a result of building relationships. You want to do the same thing online. Creating a FB page for your business allows you to connect with your friends and their connections as well. Creating blog posts about your party and then linking those posts to your Facebook page is also an awesome way to build relationships with new an existing friends. (hosts/team members)  Create a facebook page for your business here


  • Post items from a catalog on your Facebook page. One of the first things that sales reps do at a home party is hand out catalogs so their guests can shop and create their wish list. You can do the same thing online by simply creating posts about your party. Posting images of products and FREEBIES is a sure way to grab someones attention! You can also create posts to promote your business as well…  “Are you new to Touchstone? Send me your email address and I’ll send you a catalog!” This strategy creates a more personal interaction. You can add videos too!


  • Create a “Roll Call” Post. An hour before the party, ask for virtual guests to LIKE the “Roll Call post” if they’ll be joining – and share how they know the Hostess in the comments. This is a key strategy I use at home parties to uncover booking opportunities, who tend to be the Hostess’ close friends and family. A best friend will always help a friend out and book a party!


  • Create “Do This, Get This” posts. Share 5 of your favorite products posts or videos (videos usually grab more attention) showcasing different offers that will be available during the party. For example, Touchstone offers a 30% off one item with a $100 purchase. Next you’ll show an image of the lotus petals necklace that retails for $139 and then you’ll show an image of the gold filigree medallion that retails fro $99 with a post to buy the lotus petals necklace and get the gold filigree medallion 30% off. Include that the $99 necklace is only going to cost$69! The link in the post will take them right to the Add to Cart page for the lotus petals necklace – all in one click.  Super powerful tool: CinchShare You can use this tool to schedule all of your party posts, which will allow you to post an image or a video and add another link above it. ( a link to your sales page) It’s pretty awesome!


  • Pick A Date, Pick A Prize. A lot of people wonder if it’s possible to get multiple bookings for future parties from an online party… Of course it is! All you need is a simple call-to-action! You will basically use the same strategy that you use during at home parties. How?? Take a picture of 3 – 5 colored envelopes with prizes and “book a party” on them. Some will have percentages off jewelry and some will have “host a party” on them! Post each colored envelope picture, sharing that when someone picks an envelope, you’ll open the envelope and reveal the prize. Those who are interested will choose an envelope… Wala! You just booked future parties!


  • Ask Me A Question Game. Playing a sponsoring game at every party is the fastest way to generate interest in what you do. And yes, it works for Facebook parties, too. Create an ASK ME QUESTION ? graphic and give prizes to everyone who asks a question about your job. Follow up to see who wants to learn more you just might find your next super star team member!


  • Door Prize Slip. Never leave home without your door prize slip, which is your lead generator and call-to-action all in one. Use Google Forms to create a virtual door prize slip that you can easily share (via a link) on your Facebook Parties. You’ll want to use open-ended questions vs. closed ended. For example, avoid the typical (and almost always a no answer) question “Do You Want To Host A Party?” Instead ask: What type of party do you like best? with several options to pick from: Facebook Party, Home Party, Catalog Party or Not Into Parties, But Like To Shop Online. See what I did there? I offered options which made it easy for guests to say yes to booking a party! Follow up using verbiage like this, “I see you selected Facebook Party. Yay! Do you have a weekday in mind?” Boom. You booked a party!

You can conduct an online party using the same strategy on your blog.