Excited For My Launch Party

I was invited to my first a Touchstone Crystal jewelry party in January and am I so glad that I went! First of all ,I fell in love with the product the minute that I saw it! What beautiful jewelry!! And reasonably priced!! After all we are talking about Swavorski crystals! I actually went to the party with intentions of buying a friend of mine a 30th birthday gift but I ended up leaving with a whole lot more! Aside from enjoying some much needed girl time with a great group of ladies, I left with an amazing opportunity!

There are tons of home party businesses out there these days but I never had any interest in any of them until now! While I’m definitely a big fan of jewelry I also saw an incredible opportunity to build a business…. online:) Now I know it’s a “home party business” but I’m going to take this business and use all of my IM skills to build the majority of it online. From sales, to parties, to building a team… I have the knowledge to blow this thing out of the water and that’s just what I intend to do:)

I originally left the party with the idea of simply hosting a party of my own because my girlfriend told me all about the “hostess perks” that she received after having her party. Take a look at the complete list of HOST BENEFITS and see for yourself! So I went home and was really excited about hosting a party of my own. I immediately went to the Touchstone website, logged into my hostess account and began making my wish list! While I was there, I started browsing through the website and began to think about everything that Kathy, the consultant at the party, told us about the company. I quickly realized that Touchstone had much more to offer! That’s when I decided to join!

So I’m going to begin with my launch party which is scheduled for March 11, 2017. I know a lot of people will certainly show up for the event in person but I also know that getting out can be challenging… especially for my friends with kids. So I’ve decided to host my party using three different venues. My house of course will be one, Facebook is going to be another and my blog is going to be the third. All three of these venues have there pros and cons so I’m very curious to see which venue turns out to be the most successful:)



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